Here are some links for things I've made over the last few years. Right now this isn't exactly a "robust archive", but then again, it's not even a "robust site".


A System of Utmost Security (2020)

This was one of the first twine games I formally "made". It's like, 50% cat petting simulator and 50% magic eight ball.

Lawns (2020)

Will Toledo made a song about picking up trash.

Bag Simulator 2020 (2022)

I was making this in 2020 and finished it up for 2022 because it's not like I haven't been in the bag since. I haven't really been in my room though so this exists as some garbage amalgamation of spaces?

Hand to the Land (2022)

I will call you the next time I have an emotion that doesn't simmer out to "melancholia".

Laika: Edge of Space (BETA)

The tale of Laika, first dog in space, lost in a strange museum filled with stranger companions.