7/16: Figured out how to fix the navbar-- I was using the wrong CSS document.I then uploaded my first retro gif, all of my twine projects (all three of them because I have a bunch of unfinished work I don't think is worth putting up), and updated the pages so there are officially!!! No random documents which are linked incorrectly. I've been doing a lot of Unity work this week so I guess it's reasonable I've essentially been out for a hot moment?

7/11: Jack Lyell woke up one morning and found the CSS transformed into what they thought they'd put in last night. Including the God Damn heartbullets. I immediately swapped this over to the stars and it's not working again. At least the heartbullets are? I also implemented my other "sites" so the navigation is fully functional. We're going to consider this a start. I've also got a php host setup established so I can continue with the guestbook tutorial. TERRIBLE news later today. All of a sudden my entire navbar was just gone. I am wailing, I am sad, I am distraught.

7/10: Added this devlog because frankly what good site could not use a devlog? Especially this site. Attempted to do the "star pixels" but it's not working out just yet. Currently using the "heart bullets" to see if it's an issue with the image... it's not an issue with the image. But while I was messing around with this I learned that my CSS for the updated "main site" is not using the CSS I pasted in but the "practice" stylesheet... which is the good one, but like, fuck, I learned this primarily because the other one doesn't work . So now I know the main CSS is bugged too. Also I might have stayed up until 2 AM but I got my chatbox working! It's not the more robust database approach I'd wanted, but that might be a long-term goal while I figure out PHP.


There are many things I'd love to implement on a website. Here are just a few of them:

  • Fixing up the header so it isn't jarringly ugly with the background (the big question then is "then what would you put there" and the sexy answer is "I don't know")
  • Better situating the left sidebar vs content container so the content container takes up a lot more of the screen
  • Do something with the left sidebar
  • PHP-based guestbook
  • Add journal functionality to my devlog
  • Custom unordered star pixel list bits because why not (CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY: IMAGE ADDED AND CSS/HTML CHANGED, BUGGING.)
  • Use JS to generalize my header so I don't have to keep changing it every single time.